Crypto-collectible NFT Story Serials!

I’m trying something new by publishing serial short stories as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. At the most basic level, this means that these stories will be public and free, forever.

In publishingland, there’s a practice of going ‘permafree,’ which means that the published work is free on retailers, usually Once it’s free, it’s ‘perma’ free. Well, I just started two projects that will basically always be perma-free. I’m publishing them on my website too, but the point is that I cannot remove these stories from the blockchain. I can destroy the ownership of them, but they’ll still be present on the blockchain. That’s quite different from a book being permafree, because I can always pull a book from a retailer.

You can’t ‘pull’ anything from the blockchain.

So, I’ve got a funny feeling of risk, but more so, I’m excited! These stories will basically last forever 🙂

OK, so what are these stories? They’re both serials, in that I’ll be writing and publishing installments into each one. Also, they’re fantasy, or speculative fiction based. The first is called Spectral Knights. It’s told through a second-person viewpoint, which is a bit uncommon, and it follows an entity on a quest to save the world. It was also my first minted NFT, so it has a bit of extra specialness to it.

The second serial I’m publishing is called Fan-Frickin-Tastic. It’s more traditional in its storytelling, but it is interactive! Every issue I’ll leave an option open for voting, and whatever wins will be incorporated into the story. I’m going to limit votes to purchasers of the NFTs, and we’ll see what happens!

At the very least, I’m having fun with these, and I’m excited to write in their worlds. Check them out on my (M. Lorrox Rarible page!)[]

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