Fan-Fricken-Tastic Engagement

The story of Fan-Frickin-Tastic

I started this story in the spring of 2020, when I and my family were under lockdowns. I wrote a few chapters, then I set it aside. It wasn’t until I got into cryptoart and NFTs did it occur to me to publish the stories as an interactive NFT serial project.

The story begins with a trio of college kids, who have been trapped in a bunker, escape back to the surface. The world changed right above their heads, haha, and they’re faced with a mystery and adventure. So am I, and so are my readers, because I’m leaving aspects of the story open for voting! I have ideas and options of where things will go, but it’ll be influenced by the polls.

In the first installment, issue, or chapter (I’ve got to decide on one, I suppose), readers can vote on which of two items are discovered: a broken walkie-talkie or a rifle with a messed up barrel. It doesn’t make much difference to them in the moment, but it helps me choose a direction and gives them a powerful tool. Do they take the walkie-talkie to try and increase their communication abilities? Or do they take the potential weapon? What good is a conversation when you’re dead? How good is a rifle in the world they know nothing about? Will that save them from the true threats they face?

See what I mean?

So while the choice might seem a little inconsequential in that moment in the story, it has a huge impact on the direction the story takes. It’s scary as the author to allow random people to guide me (I’m pretty good at story-telling, I must say), but the voting angle is part of the experiment for me. Sure, things might go sideways fast, but they also might move into arenas unforeseen, to my readers and to me.

Finally, it’s just kinda cool isn’t it? Writing a story, selling voting ability, essentially via cryptocurrency, and creating a sort of social engagement at the same time! The story will be posted on my website so that anyone can read, so at the same time, this is enhancing my ‘brand’ (barf-in-my-mouf) as an author.

I’m not sure how many tokens to create of it, nor about how much to sell them for. I’m inclined to sell 50 or 100, just so that I can get more people involved in the story and the voting, but with gas prices on Ethereum, it’s hard to predict how people will react. Finally, I’m not sure anyone has ever done this-has ever published a story in a NFT’s metadata-so it might be too big of a leap for people and the project might not get traction.

…I guess in that case, I’ll be more in-charge of the story… That doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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